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Our mission is to inspire and educate the next generation of STEM professionals.


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Visit our YouTube channel for introductory videos on engineering or coding. Meet engineers, coders, and makers for inspiring stories.


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We buy the best parts for you. The parts are classroom tested to ensure that each part lasts.


We are your learning partner. Let us help you with your learning.

About us

We are a STEM Education non-profit based in Wisconsin, United States. We reach learners around the country and the world. We publish curriculum, produce learning kits, and provide workshops for students, teachers and self-motivated learners.

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Our Passion

Whether you or your teams are competing in a science or engineering fair or competition, completing a class project, or learning on your own let us help you build your skills in engineering, coding and science.

We have spent the last 10 years building relationships with manufactures and suppliers around the world which specialize in producing only the best parts... 

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