Workshop: Water Quality Sensors


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This 4-class (8 hours) workshop provides all of the instruction and materials to build four sensor projects to study water quality.

The workshop includes the Water Sensors Kit and Guide

The kit incudes

  • UNO R3 board with USB Cable
  • 2 x Small Breadboard
  • 40 M/M jumper wires
  • 10 M/F jumper wires
  • 140 Flat Jumper Wire Kit 
  • Seven 220 Ohm resistors
  • Two 100 Ohm resistors
  • Two 4.7 kOhm resistors
  • Seven LEDs - various colors
  • 9v Battery Barrel
  • One10k Potentiometers
  • Passive Buzzer
  • 16x2 LCD screen (pre-soldered)
  • Hygrometer/ Soil Moisture
  • TDS Sensor
  • Water Temperature Sensor with Block
  • pH Sensor (includes pH buffer, base, and acid standard solutions)
  • Water Level Sensor
  • Rain Fall Sensor
  • DHT22
  • Turbidity Sensor
  • Water Flow Meter
  • Deluxe Storage Case

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