Workshop Virtual Robotic Car


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Take some time out this summer to build a robotic car with Gearbox Labs.

We will take you through the Gearbox Labs engineering design process to design, code, and build a robotic car.

We will meet twice, first to do the digital design using Tinkercad and then build the actual car. 

Workshop price includes:

  • Robotic car chassis
  • DFRduino
  • USB Cable
  • DFRduino Shield (with breadboard)
  • Stepper Motor
  • Battery barrel connector
  • Jumper Wires

You provide:

  • 9v battery
  • Computer
  • High Speed Internet Connection

You will learn how to program speed, direction and other controls. 

If there is time, we will show you how to build in collision avoiding sensors.

We will even share so insights from our work with NASA and the Mars Spirt, Opportunity, and Perseverance, and Ingenuity Teams.

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