KIT STEAM Flight Addendum


This is a complete kit for the Flight and Weather Guide. The kit includes the following:

  • UNO R3 board with USB Cable
  • Small Breadboard
  • 40 M/M jumper wires
  • Seven 220 Ohm resistors
  • Two 100 Ohm resistors
  • Two 4.7 kOhm resistors
  • 20 LEDs - various colors
  • 9v Battery Barrel
  • One10k Potentiometer
  • Passive Buzzer
  • 16x2 LCD screen (pre-soldered)
  • MPU-6050 Accelerometer
  • DHT22
  • FM Radio Receiver
  • Deluxe Storage Case

The materials in this kit are enough to produce each of 10 projects from the addendum.

The addendum is sold separately.

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