DFRobot Fermion: AS7341 11-Channel Visible Light Sensor (Breakout)


We live in a colorful world, but how much do you really know about color? Your eyes may deceive you, while the sensors don’t lie. This AS7341 11-Channel Visible Light Sensor-Breakout can tell you the truth about color.

DFRobot AS7341 11-Channel Visible Light Breakout Board employs the new generation of AS7341 spectral sensor IC launched by the well-known AMS company. The sensor features eight channels for the visible light, one channel for near-IR, and one channel without a filter. Also, it integrates a dedicated channel to detect ambient light flicker. Besides that, this sensor comes with 6 independent 16-bit ADC channels for data processing in parallel. The two on-board extra-bright LEDs can supply light in dark environment.

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