Kit Robotic Car Chassis


Gearbox Labs loves the Mini Round Robot Chassis Kit. The chassis is full of connection points, large enough for a full UNO board and 300-point breadboard, as well as a sensor or two. 

This kit gives you everything you need to build the shell of a 2-wheel-drive Mobile Platform Robot! You get the metal plates that make up the chassis, two DC drive motors with matching wheels, and a caster ball for balance. You'll fill in the rest with a power supply, microcontroller board, and motor controller. The differential drive (two separately driven wheels) allows for a near-zero turning radius while the high-strength aluminum alloy body plus high-quality high-speed motors make it suitable for flat indoor surfaces.

Kit includes: 

2x Drive Motors (drive with 3-6VDC, 200-400 mA run, 1.5A hard stall)

2x Wheels

1x Metal Caster Ball

Anodized aluminum frame and all mounting hardware for assembly.

Available in red or blue

See this link for an assembly video

Please note the stepper motor, power source, microcontroller, jumper wires, and sensors to complete the functionality are not included.

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