Kit Advanced Robotic Car


This is an amazing kit and ready for your advanced robotic car projects. This car can be controlled remotely or programmed to follow a course or avoid obstacles. Hundreds of variations are possible with the camera making this car unique.

Operate the car using your own Wi-Fi network or hotspot to take photos and drive the car.

Base code enables 4 modes of driving.

Kit includes: 


ESP32-Cam and Uno Compatible microcontroller with shield 

4x Drive Motors (drive with 3-6VDC, 200-400 mA run, 1.5A hard stall)

4x Mecanum Wheels

3 Tier fame and all mounting hardware for assembly.



  • servo
  • battery pack holder (for 18650 Li Ion batteries - sold separately)
  • HC-SR04
  • and more
  • access to code and additional ideas online

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