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Workshop Virtual IoT ESP32 Android App


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It is a requirement that you have taken Introduction to Internet of Things - Wi-Fi Connected Devices with the ESP32-WROOM  before taking this workshop.

In this workshop, you will learn the foundational configurations needed to connect the ESP32 to Bluetooth Classic (Android) Devices and App

This is a building workshop. You will need, an ESP32-WROOM-32D microcontroller, breadboard, jumper wires, fan, transistor, servo, and buzzer.

You will learn the following:

  • C/C++ Coding
  • Installing additional Libraries from GitHub
  • Void Setup and Void Loop necessary
  • Control a variety of devices (fan, LED, buzzer and servo) using a Bluetooth Classic (Android) app
  • Setting a Bluetooth client on the ESP32
  • Passing information between the ESP32 and an App

Recommended Workshop Sequence.

  1. Intro to ESP32
  2. ESP32 Webserver and HTML  
  3. ESP32 and Bluetooth Classic (This Course)
  4. ESP32, Sensor Data, and HTML

Need workshop materials or a book? Use the related parts list below to add to your order what you need. The Iot Training Kit contains all the parts you need for all of our IoT workshops.

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