• Workshop Virtual Engineering, Electronics, and Coding Adv

Workshop Virtual Engineering, Electronics, and Coding Adv


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Join us for five live classes on Engineering and coding using Tinkercad circuits and the Arduino Uno.

These classes are live and virtual will be delivered by Isabel Mendiola and Peter Haydock from Gearbox Labs in English.

Explore the digital prototyping, DC circuits, physical computing and more.

It is recommended that you take the Introduction and Intermediate to Tinkercad workshops with us before taking this one or have experience working with Tinkercad circuits.


  • Class 1 – Tilt Sensor
  • Class 2 – Flex Sensor & Servo
  • Class 3 - Music Maker
  • Classes 4 & 5 Robotic Car

Enrollment limited to 25 

This workshop will cover computer science concepts including:

  • line / text-based coding in C++
  • variables
  • loops
  • libraries
  • data types
  • displaying text
  • conditional statements
  • mapping
  • subroutines
  • functions
  • operations
  • formulas

This workshop will cover engineering concepts including:

  • digital vs. analog signals
  • PWM signals
  • reading schematics
  • resistor selection
  • circuits
  • prototyping
  • polarity
  • sensors
  • thresholds
  • calibration
  • flags
  • arrays

This workshop will cover technologies including:

  • microcontrollers
  • diodes
  • resistors
  • servos
  • LCDs
  • buzzers
  • flex senso
  • pushbuttons
  • servos
  • motors

This workshop will cover science concepts including:

  • Ohm's Law
  • Temperature (units and conversion)
  • Sound - Frequency
  • Motion

Before starting you must have a Tinkercad account. Register for a free account at https://www.tinkercad.com/

You must also have a computer and a broadband connection to the internet. These sessions will not be recorded. 

Connection details will be sent to you after registration.

Use the linked products on this page to order the parts associated with this workshop.

Gearbox Labs proudly uses the HoverCam Duo document camera sponsored by HoverCam.

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