DFRobot Gravity Digital Weight Sensor
DFRobot Gravity Digital Weight Sensor 

DFRobot Gravity Digital Weight Sensor

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This Electronic Arduino Weight Sensor is able to detect 1kg weight.  It based on HX711, a precision 24-bit analog-to-digital converter designed for weight scale and industrial control applications to interface directly with a bridge sensor. 


This electronic Arduino weight sensor lowers the cost of the electronic scale, and at the same time improving the performance and reliability. The interface of this sensor uses the  DFRobot Gravity Interface. The output adopts compact terminal that makes the sensor easier to connect. It's the best choose for electronic enthusiast to do some tiny home scale.



24-Bit Analog-to-Digital Converter for Weight Scales (HX711)


Two selectable differential input channels

On-chip active low noise PGA with selectable gain of 32,64 and 128

On-chip power supply regulator for load-cell and ADC analog power supply

On-chip oscillator requiring no external component with optional external crystal

On-chip power-on-rest

Simple digital control and serial interface: pin-driven controls, no programming needed

Selectable 10SPS or 80SPS output data rate

Simultaneous 50 and 60Hz supply rejection

Supply Voltage: 2.6V~5.5V

Current: <1.6mA

Working temperature: -40~85°C

16 pin SOP-16 package


Weight Sensor Module

Range: 1kg

Excitation voltage: 5-15 V

Output sensitivity: 1.0±0.15mV/V

Synthetical error: 1 per thousand cent of full scale

Zero shift: 0.05/0.03 (30min)%F.S

Zero temperature shift: 0.05/0.03 %F.S/10°C

Zero output: ±0.1mV/V 

Input impedance: 1055±15 Ω

Output impedance: 1000±5 Ω

Overload capability: 200 %F.S 

Output: Analog output

Size: 33mm*38mm

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